Solar eclipse in Cancer!

CANCER SOLAR ECLIPSE 🌑🌞 on Tuesday afternoon we’ll experience the heightened Cancerian energy of this Total Solar Eclipse!

We’ve already been going through some of the shifts to lead us up to this event! When the New Moon is in Cancer we’re presented with an opportunity to lay down protective emotional and spiritual foundations for ourselves and our loved ones. This is an optimal time to connect with your Divine Femininity and reflect on how maternal energy manifests in your life.

This new moon solar eclipse is 10 degrees Cancer.


This is a supercharged, super-enhanced, highly sensitive new moon full of emotional connections. Doors are closing in order for new ones to open. We end a chapter and begin a new one. Our connection to home, our private life, and self-healing. Where do we need boundaries in order to take care of ourselves and our private world? We find things have come to conclusions. We cannot work towards the future without caring for ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually first. The rest of the month we enter more retrogrades and an intense full moon. This is the time to embrace change and open up to possibilities of the hearts nature. We see our priorities with clarity and a sense of clearness. We can express our needs, our true needs. Tell people what you need. Give yourself what you need. What matters at the end of the day-and are we protecting and nurturing that? Whether it be our emotional boundaries or work boundaries or caring for ourselves and the people who matter.

A clean slate for love with New Moon and solar energy lasting for up to a year.


The New Moon in Cancer arrives today with a solar eclipse that is the second part of a three series ecliptic event ending in 2020. This energy is meant to bring divine presence and awareness into your life. 

As it takes place in the 4th house today, and 10th houses today because Capricorn is in the south node, while Cancer is in the north. Eclipses always have partner zodiac signs involved which is why we look at those areas of life to balance.

Home life balance involve love of others and love of self. It means prioritizing so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin.



•I honor those that have nurtured my spirit; past, present & future.

•I carry with me the emotional strength of my Ancestors

•I make space for emotional healing

•I trust in my intuitive power

•I am divinely protected

May these affirmations help you through these major shifts occurring during this Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Take time to express gratitude for the nurturing, maternal energy in your life. Those that protect us and prepare us to defend and protect others!


Aries: The eclipse can affect your growth and success in areas of romance, hobbies, and creativity. You will feel a call to action in one (or more) of these areas of your life, luckily, in a positive way. On the other hand, be cautious when entering any-long term commitments, it is likely these obligations will not go your way.

Taurus: The eclipse can be affecting your energy and other matter close to home. You might have a need to take action and make a change in your family dynamic or home life. If you have been feeling out of balance lately, things will finally be looking up for you.

Gemini: With the eclipse approaching you should focus on letting go on the past and resolving any relationship issues. The eclipse will be effecting your third house of communication and self-expression which will allow you to form new relationships and partnerships.

Cancer: It’s time to start taking action and turning your ideas into plans to achieve the goals you’ve been working towards. The solar eclipse will bring you positive support that will help you to improve your career life or school life.

Leo: Start preparing for a big change as the solar eclipse can give you a clean slate this year. The eclipse is the start of a new chapter in your life, where you can kick bad habits and turn over a new leaf. However, as your life is changing you will feel uneasy with the lack of control you have over it.

Virgo: While Mercury is in retrograde the solar eclipse will not start out well for Virgos. Now is the best time to slow down and seek out balance, take time to rest and look within yourself. Don’t worry, once Mercury in retrograde ends, the effects of the eclipse will become positive for the rest of the year.

Libra: The eclipse will be effecting Libras in an empowering and positive manner. It will bring a charge of energy to friendships and group associations. If you’ve been working on a project now is the time you will recognize the need to collaborate, or start something brand new.

Scorpio: For Scorpios, issues that have been resting below the surface will start to suffice in your life. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s a great time to go in a new direction or gain a new perspective on your goals and, like Leos, start a new chapter in your life.

Sagittarius: For Sagittarians, the solar eclipse will act as your “new years”. It will bring a desire to personally expand and grow and maintain balance in your life. Your energy will settle and you’ll be able to find a balance between responsibilities and pleasure. Try to resolve any relationships issues and if there’s a conversation you’ve been putting off, have it before August 21st.

Capricorn: Capricorns must let go of the past in order to uncover new support during the eclipse. The eclipse will be effecting your eighth house. You will feel a sense of renewal and energy with regards to your ability to master new skills. The eclipse will leave you determined to face the upcoming months.

Aquarius: The eclipse will affect your seventh house allowing you to discover new ways to connect with the people around you. You will be able to connect deeper with existing friendships and a sense of renewal of energy will impact your relationship skills. You might become aware of a need for somebody significant to rely on. Just make sure to be cautious of those who try to derail you out of jealousy.

Pisces: The eclipse can be extremely draining on you, so slow down and focus on your health and personal happiness. A new set up in your job, or a new job altogether, may occur during the upcoming months. You will feel renewed and energized in regards to your daily activities, health, and routines. Stay aware of your personal health and how your daily routines can keep you organized and less stressed. Now is a time to reflect upon yourself and find happiness.