New Black Moon Leo

The second new moon of July 2019 being in Leo, is sparking a lot of motivation for us now.

We’re more clearly seeing what we want to do, and putting those dreams into action.

You might have a revelation during this time about something you’ve felt stuck in, or see something from a different perspective that’s been hidden. However this New Moon manifests for you, things are shifting now. Not only within yourself, as you might have felt the last couple months, but in the physical world as well.


The Black Super New Moon in Leo, aligns with Venus and 

encourages love, beauty, pleasure, abundance and creativity. 

Financial flow is magnified. Manifest a life of magic. 

Good things are happening for U.

Celebrate Mercury Rx Direct!




The New Moon arriving today brings in a strong shift of newness that has us praising hallelujah and makes us want to start dancing in the streets!  The New Moon couldn't get any newer than this. 

New Moons represent the beginning of the planting cycle. During this phase, you can make a mark on the world. Others rules are not for you. It’s best to question why things are done a certain way. With New Moon in Leo, we are more concerned with self expression and showing what’s in your heart. When beginning something new whether it’s a relationship, project, idea, or goal, you want to give it your open heart, and make your deepest desires become everything in your life. This is a great time to be asking yourself you’ve been doing the things that make you feel the most fulfilled. This New Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron all trine each other, making a grand trine. Grand trine’s are said to bring luck and ease, with this grand trine being in fire there’s a sense of activity, inspiration, bold creativity, enthusiasm, pride, and in this case luck, lots of it. With its involvement with Jupiter as well as Chiron (and it’s conjunction with Venus), there’s a lot of success when it comes to healing past wounds when it comes to the self and joy with expressing your authentic self now that it’s easier without your past. Breakthroughs and sudden changes are possible as well with this square to Uranus. Any conflict, rebellion, and unstableness is being cleared now.


This New Moon in Leo on July 31st is what we have all needed. Where will the energy shine within you? Have you abandoned what was pulling you down? Expect the awakening, the doors will open brightly for you as this energy shows you what it is like to truly live life to the fullest with the desire to survive. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so having this New Moon will open doors for you because in our darkest hour, the Sun can help us feel a little better. We underestimate the potency of the rays of light, illuminating our lives, our heart and soul. Leo energy is essential because it gives us hope, just like Fire Signs tend to bring up the hopeless optimist inside of us. Shine bright, be strong and do not be afraid to don your crown.

This new moon presents a period of seeking out change, and figuring out the best method for achieving it!

The squares to Uranus are felt here, emphasizing the need to shake things up and pursue freedom and excitement in your relationships and emotional state. If you’ve been feeling suffocated, bored, or limited, some light-hearted flirting or experimenting in the bedroom may be exactly what the doctor ordered! Just be aware of the cloud of tension and uncertainty in the air, and try not to impulsively lash out or lose your patience with those around you. I’d also keep an eye on your shopping habits during this time - retail therapy or impulsive buying might sound tempting with this moon conjunct Venus - but really think about if you need it, or if you just crave something new. That Uranus square really asks you to identify and adhere to what your values are deep down. All in all, this is a great time to usher out the old and incorporate new, fresh ideas, mindsets, and behaviors into your life ✨