Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

Full Moons represent the part of the planting cycle when flowers start to emerge. We are aware of how our work affects others.

Our thoughts and emotions become more visible and clear. We are open to others’ influence and working together.

This full moon may allow us to see the difference between satisfying ourselves (Leo sun) and collaborating with others (Aquarius moon). This will help us understand the relationship between teamwork and individuality. The Aquarius full moon reminds us that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves and that our ideas and ideals will benefit everyone. This full moon also makes an opposition to Venus and Mars which means that there is an emphasis on relationships and sexuality. Difficulties with love and creativity may rise since everyone’s needs can be different from each other. It’s important to keep in mind to search through relationship tangles and work things out. 

Happy Full Moon Aquarius ♒️

It’s heavily affected by Venus so be very aware of stress in the fields ruled by Venus such as a main one - relationships, be careful with negative emotions coming in-between like stress, jealousy, any kind of drama, other than that the love already existing will only deepen and get stronger this tension created will expose healthy and unhealthy relationships, the healthy ones will be able to deal with it and grow even stronger.

The full moon in Aquarius is usually much lighter than other full moons because its in an air sign.

Aquarius is all about freedom, so be sure to release all the things that are holding you back! Any unwanted emotions, fear but also people. Make use of this energy!!

This full moon is opposing Venus. With Venus, love and finances will be brought to our attention. Some of us may experiences conflicts in relationships. Our need for love during this time will be heightened, so watch out for lowering your standards for someone that's not worth it! Maybe spend some time alone and use this energy to focus on self-love and self-acceptance.

Moon will also be opposing Mars and this will bring out tendencies to act before thinking and being very short-temperate. Be aware of jealousy and moodiness and don't get into meaningless fights over little things. Use this energy to work hard and fuel your passions!

This may be a period of emotional confusion, as you’re encouraged to be your true, authentic self, while also dealing with a strong desire for emotional freedom. This desire is strengthened by the Moon’s tight opposition to Venus in Leo. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’ll be craving for love, affection, and strengthening bonds, but there is also an element of emotional tension simmering just below the surface which may show up in unexpected ways. The energies here are asking us to find ways to balance standing out and being leaders with a need to be a part of our social circles. This Moon is also opposite Mars, so the propensity for conflict is there - don’t let minor differences, the ego, and the desire to be “right” cause friction in your relationships. As much as we want to be surrounded by those close to us during this period, some time to reflect on ourselves may be needed here. The question to be asked is this: are we seeking love from others because we’re struggling to love ourselves properly?


🌌 Tools Needed: Paper, writing tool, room to perform the ritual. Optional: Incense(recommended scents to correspond with Aquarius are: Lavender, Mint, Lemongrass, or Patchouli), Crystals (recommended crystals to correspond with Aquarius are: Amethyst, Angelite, Clear Quartz, Opal), White or Black Candle. 

🏺 Cleanse. Start by physically cleaning any mess or clutter in the space you plan to do your ritual. Once the space is physically clean, energetically cleanse as well. Light incense, or burn essential oils (be mindful of what oils you use if you have pets) Visualize any stagnant energy flowing out through doors or windows, leaving the space clean, clear, and purified.

🙌  Move. Get up, stretch, roll your neck and shoulders, stretch your arms as high up as you can, then down to the floor as far as you can. Do some yoga if that’s your thing. Shake, dance, jump around, just move! As you move, breathe deeply and intentionally, in whatever way feels best for you. Notice where your body holds tension and breathe into that space. Visualize the tension flowing out of and away from your body as water or iridescent bubbles. Once your body feels clear of all tension, sit and lay your crystals, if you have any, in front of you. Close your eyes and take four deep, intentional breaths, then open your eyes and begin.

 🌬️ Release. Bring to mind what you’d like to let go of, what holds you back, what keeps you stagnant, what no longer has a place in your life. Write it all down, as well as your worries, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. After you’ve written them all out, write at the bottom of the paper: “As this moon cycle comes to an end, so do the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors listed above. I release their hold over me. I release them from my life. As the new moon cycle begins, so does a new phase in my life, one free of everything contained on this paper.” 

🕯️ Optional. If you have somewhere safe to burn, light a white or black candle and burn the paper in its flame. As you do so visualize everything you wrote on the page going up in flame, leaving your life in the form of smoke and ash. Dispose of the ashes outside of your home (either washing them down the drain or throwing them away in a garbage outside of your home, ensuring the energy does not linger).


🌠 Create. Bring to mind your ideal self, who you would be if you could be anyone. Then write that person out on paper, focusing less on physical appearance and more on physical actions, physical feelings, as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual state you would be in. What traits would you embody? What traits would you leave behind? What would you think about? How would you feel? How would you spend your days? What work would you do? What would you do for fun? Write all this (and anything else that comes to mind) down on paper.

♾️  Bind. Once you’ve written down your ideal self, write at the bottom of the paper: “As this moon cycle comes to an end, so does my old way of being. I let go of attachment to my current self. I open myself to new and better ways of being. As the new moon cycle begins, so does a new way of being, one of constant growth and positive change.” If you feel called to, ask the moon for help in making the necessary changes to bring your ideal self into being.

🌟 Act. Create a plan to incorporate your ideal self into your current reality. Take at least one concrete step per week towards embodying your ideal self. (If you need help coming up with steps towards your ideal self, feel free to message me! It can be hard to conceptualize at first.) Journal about these steps if you can! At the end of the next moon cycle (September 14), look back on the changes you’ve made, to see how far you’ve come. Continue taking steps as time goes on! 

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