August Love Reading


Judgment - This card reminds me of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. She’s reborn as a force to be reckoned with. Nothing from the past matters anymore, it’s all been burned away and turned to ash. Now she’s lighter, stronger, and flying higher than ever. It’s time to move forward. Light your metaphorical fire and let the past burn away. Forgive yourself and others so you can truly heal. Then, you’ll be free to rise to be the badass you were always meant to be.

The Lovers - In life you're there are always choices to be made. There's a constant balancing act between what you want and what the world wants, what you believe and what "they" believe. The Lovers card that speaks to deep love and sometimes desires, but more than that, it tells of the times when you have to take a stand or you have to make a commitment. Your choices won't always be supported by those around you, and that's okay. You're the only one that walks in your shoes, don't lose sight of that.

Nine of Cups - Some of you may have been complaining a lot lately & it’s time to be more grateful for the little things around you. That’s how you attract bigger & bigger things. A special opportunity is coming your way before you know it. Patience is a virtue. This also feels like a reconciliation could be romantic. A new love (who’s really a past life soulmate) could surface. You may know them already or you’ll be connected to them via social media or socializing at an event. If it’s an event, it’s probably something you typically wouldn’t go to or don’t want to go alone. Go anyway! Try new things. Also, many of you have ideas in your head about things you want to try/do. You need to just do it. Stop letting life pass you by!