New Moon Virgo 2019

New Moons represent the beginning of the planting cycle. During this phase, you can make a mark on the world.

This is a time to begin securing the abundance you want for yourself & setting the intention of having a healthy balance within after much struggle. Victory from much burden is what can come with this energy, by productively creating a stable place within & around yourself, & protecting yourself from spiteful & malevolent energies. Surround yourself with the people who have mutual love & respect for you, that you have for them in return.

Your hard work is paying off as you release yourself from the people who watched you fail. You know what stability looks like in your life & you are taking the necessary actions to achieve it. Decluttering your life is especially what this Virgo energy calls for anyway, so use it to your advantage this moon cycle.

Happy New Moon Virgo ♍️


We find that the key is figuring out how to use what we have been working on to create a different kind of new beginning. Instead of starting something new, ask yourself “how are you going to use it?” using the exact time, this new moon is a triple Virgo meaning that the sun, moon, and ascendant is all in that sign. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in Virgo as well, conjunct with one another, putting a strong emphasis on Virgo energy.


This aspect pattern is also known as a stellium. With stelliums, it’s a high level of focus in the chart and can be quite dominated as well. With its involvement with Mercury, Venus, and Mars, there’s a fusion of emotions, self, logic, war, and peace. When using this energy correctly, any past resentment and anger can come to some sort of happy ending. If used negatively, you could find yourself fighting with the ones you love. It’s important to use your head and your heart at this time and to learn when it’s necessary to battle. Another huge aspect this New Moon makes is a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. A grand trine tends to be a very easy and luck aspect pattern but it can find itself getting lazy. With its involvement with Saturn and Uranus, it can be pretty crazy. For one: Saturn is the planet of discipline, hard work, life long lessons, and

Uranus is the planet of sudden change, rebellion, and new-age technology. So with that being said, we may find ourselves emotionally chaotic.

One side of us wants to put in the work to make a better life for ourselves, while the other wants to be free without any care in the world. In this situation, it’s important to find a balance which won’t be too hard considering this is, in fact, a grand trine.

We can still be independent, but we do have to structure a better life for ourselves and for the people we love. Lastly, this New Moon makes a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius meaning that abundance, joy, and happiness are emphasized but we must be careful to not make it to much of a good thing. Ultimately, this New Moon is about paying attention to reality and the finer details to create a more positive outcome.

The New Moon in Virgo will be an interesting time because it gets us all to do things we would not normally allow. After the self-love motif of Leo Season, we shift into Self Care during this Virgo Season transit. The Moon here will make us emotionally aware of the places we need to focus on bringing more happiness to our lives. This New Moon helps us keep our shit in order, it wants us to grow. We see our flaws and we use this as a motivator to become stronger, not to self hate. What we would deem as failures looks like a recipe to our big successes. This New Moon, find what you want and work to get it 💗✨

♍🌾virgo new moon ritual🌾♍

🌌 Tools Needed: Paper, writing tool, room to perform the ritual. Optional: Incense(recommended scents to correspond with Virgo are: Sandalwood, Bergamot, Patchouli, Frankincense), Crystals (recommended crystals to correspond with Virgo are: Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Tourmaline), White, Green, or Red Candle. 

🌱 Ground. If possible, perform the ritual outside, in a place you won’t be disturbed, or while showering. Feel how sturdy and stable the ground beneath your feet is, work to strengthen your connection to the Earth by visualizing strong, thick roots, growing from the soles of your feel into the Earth below. Thank the Earth for holding you up, keeping you steady.

🌬️ Cleanse. Visualize rain washing over you, cleansing you of all worries, fears, doubts, and stress. Visualize these things being washed out of your body and mind, being soaked up into the ground below, transmuted into nourishment for the Earth itself. Thank the Earth for easing the weight you carry, allowing you such a close and beautiful connection.

🦋 Intentions. Take the time to dive into your intentions, making sure of what you want to create for yourself in the coming moon cycle. Visualize your ideal life, as if you are already living it, and create intentional affirmations based on what you see and feel in this visualization. Physically write out these affirmations, and thank the Earth for its help in bringing them to realization.

🍃 Meditate. Go through your list and meditate on each of the intentions, visualizing them as if you already have them. Go into as much detail as you’d like in these visualizations, don’t hold back, don’t feel like you’re asking too much, just sink into your desired life. Feel the excitement and satisfaction of your dreams coming true, and then carry those feelings with you.

🌿 Action. Intentions alone aren’t enough to change your life, you have to be willing to take actual steps towards the future you want. For every intention you wrote, list at least one action you can take to bring that intention to fruition. Carry out these actions over the course of the next moon cycle, noting your progress along the way.

🍂  Optional. Light a candle/incense/oil blend that correlates with your intentions while you perform this ritual. Use crystals/sacred geometry/sound healing to strengthen your intentions. After you’ve physically written out your intentions, keep them somewhere you can easily reach, and read them aloud when waking up and right before sleep.