Weekly Scope September 23rd -September 29th

Hello Fall 🍂, you’re being propelled to move forward in a way you haven’t felt since summer began.


This week, it feels easier to take action than it has in months. Over the summer you were climbing up the mountain, looking at the view below, observing what was taking place in the surrounding town. Finally, you’ve reached the peak, and now you’re coming down the mountain. You’re planning all the changes you’re going to make once you get back down on the ground.

This week send in the job and apartment applications, look at pictures of examples of how you want to change your hair. Get started now, and you’re going to be incredibly pleased how the last weeks of December and all of January turn out for you.

These changes are also prompted by the incredibly dream energy in the sky this week. Think back to 13 years ago, what type of dreams were coming true for you then? This is a similar energy. That said, like the energy 13 years ago, this energy is also unique in its own way and isn’t going to show up again in our lifetimes. Use it to the best of your ability. Again, it’s not about waking up and suddenly being in your ideal world (even though it doesn’t hurt to set some intentions before you go to sleep so you can dream about exactly what you want your ideal to look like). It’s about setting intentions about what you want your waking world to look like come 2020. It’s about laying the groundwork. If there ever was a powerful time to set intentions, this is it!

Here’s to a lovely, dreamy week!

The sun (planet of self) ☉ moves into Libra ♎︎  this week, putting the focus on relationships and helpful interactions. With chatty Mercury (planet of communication) ☿  and sweet Venus (planet of love) ♀ already in this zone, key conversations and negotiations may be a whole lot easier. 

A very helpful aspect between lively Mercury ☿  and expansive Jupiter (planet of luck) ♃  on Tuesday can assist in connecting with key people and generally enjoying life. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, luscious Venus ♀ angles toward sobering Saturn  ♄ (planet of responsibility), and articulate Mercury ☿  links to potent Pluto (planet of transformation) ♇, hinting at difficulties with certain people or situations. This isn’t the best time to work on deals or attempt to negotiate. 

Saturday’s new moon 🌑 brings a chance for a fresh start around a key relationship. Whether it means taking a romance to the next level or starting a business partnership, this is the time to go for it. And an uplifting Venus-Jupiter tie can add warmth and generosity to any discussions.

Unpopular opinion: We do more harm than good when we do others spiritual work for them. - @Maryamhasnaa



Aries Mar 21st – Apr 19th  Hello Aries! This week Spirit is calling upon you to provide leadership and to trust that you are capable of being a leader.  Whether the role as leader applies to your family, friends, employees, or society, you must listen to those around you and respond to their needs with strength and compassion.  When necessary you will need to follow your own intuition and sensibilities, even when those around you disagree.  Make your decisions based on what is best for the greater good.  Fear and doubt may arise at times, but do not let them keep you from your purpose.  You may stumble on occasion, but don’t let that deter you from taking on this leadership role you are being called to provide.  Others are looking to you for guidance.

Taurus Apr 20th – May 20th  Hello Taurus! This week Spirit is guiding you to combine both your intuition and your intellect to find solutions to problems or questions.  The combination of both creates a creative intelligence: a blend of your ability to reason and your trust in those deep gut feelings.  Notice the physical sensations and cues within your body as well as inspired thought to gain access to your intuition.  Couple this with gaining more information through research in order to reach an answer to a question or solution to a problem this week.  When your intuition and intellect are in harmony with each other, there is no problem you can’t resolve.

Gemini May 21st – Jun 20th  Hello Gemini! This week Spirit is guiding you to slow down!  Make a conscious effort to move a bit slower and take deeper slower breath every opportunity you get.  Recognize that the crises and emergencies that are in your life are merely just inconveniences.  You are too fragmented by pressure being applied to you on so many fronts.  Often we are pulled in many directions by the demands of modern day life.  The Divine is guiding you to take some time to get grounded.  Spend some time in nature, do some meditation, or go for an energy healing to balance and ground. 

Cancer Jun 21st – Jul 22nd  Hello Cancer! This week Spirit would like you to stand up for yourself and speak your truth respectfully and with compassion.  However, do not have expectations or attachment to the outcome.  There is no need to bully or yell, nor do you need to fade in the background and deny yourself the chance to have a direct effect on the situation at hand.  Ask for what you want, and see what happens.  You may not get what you want, but you certainly won’t if you don’t ask.  Set clear boundaries with others.  Respectfully, compassionately, and without apologies stand your ground with those that test the boundaries.   By expressing yourself from your heart as well as from a place of power, you create an unbeatable combination.

Leo Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd   Hello Leo! This week Spirit is asking you to be a witness/observer rather than a participant.  Even if you feel you have a better way to deal with things, at this time, stay as an observer and allow events to unfold without your direct intervention or guidance.  The Divine isn’t asking you to be passive, but rather to wait until you know for sure it is the right time to step up and let your ideas be known.  When it comes time for that, move quickly with focus and certainty. 

Virgo Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd   Hello Virgo! This week the Divine is telling you to lighten up and not be so serious.  Of course, there are situations that require a more serious attitude and demeanor, such as time of tragedy and traumatic experiences.  However, these times are temporary and will pass.  In all other times, particularly this week, view life with a sense of humor.  This is what is needed at this time.  No matter what the situation, look for the humor in it.  Maintaining a good healthy sense of humor about most experiences causes you to be lighter in spirit, smile without reservation, and appreciate life much more.  It will also help you manage your daily stress helping you to experience better well-being.

Libra Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd  Hello Libra! This week Spirit is asking you to listen compassionately to those you love, especially your family members. Our family bonds can gradually decay if not beingnourished on a continuous basis with loving attention.  The Divine is guiding you to deliver that attention through listening compassionately to those you care most about.  If you do not give attention to maintaining these bonds, you run the risk of taking them for granted, assuming that they will always be there and that they know you love them.  By engaging in conversations and really listening, you will generate a more lasting and deeper affection between you and the other person.  People are always changing and evolving, adding new experiences and insights.  Find the newness and freshness in those you love including not just your biological family but your friends as well.   

Scorpio Oct 23rd – Nov 21st Hello Scorpio! This week Spirit wants you to know that the period of darkness and hardship that you have been experiencing is now passing.  Coming out of this period of time, you will still be faced with a few challenges, but you will be able to face them with the courage and inner strength you have gained during this period of struggle.  The Divine is letting you know that you have discovered resources that you never knew you had, and these will serve you well for the rest of your life.  Making conscious and deliberate choices now are of utmost importance, as these have the potential to alter your life in a dramatic fashion.

Sagittarius Nov 22nd – Dec 21st  Hello Sagittarius! This week the Divine wants you to be aware that guidance is being sent to you. So pay close attention to signs and omens from your ancestral spirit guides.  Help is being offered in many ways so be open to receive their guidance.  This guidance can come in many forms, whether through your eyes, ears, feelings, or thoughts.  Your guides may come in your dreams, send animals to cross your path, show you the repetitive numbers, or give message through songs played on the radio or even in a store.  Repetition is key here.  In whatever way your guides attempt to contact you, when the signs continue to show up, know that they are with you and tune into your intuition to gather the message.

Capricorn Dec. 22nd - Jan 19th  Hello Capricorn! This week the Divine is asking you to take the time to tune into your gut feelings.  This can be done through meditation, or just by using slow deep breathing.  Listen with all your senses to determine what your body is telling you, then use your intellect to decide if this response is one brought about by conditioning, especially childhood conditioning, or instinct.  In matters where you are hesitant or indecisive about how to move forward, tune into your gut, trust your instincts in order to figure out the truth.  Allow these gut feelings to guide you rather than any conditioned thought or response.

IG @sashaforfvcksake

IG @sashaforfvcksake

Aquarius Jan 20th – Feb 18th   Hello Aquarius! This week the Divine is guiding you to take a step back from your life and become an observer.  Suspend any judgment while observing the different relationships and environments in which you have involvement.  Be silent, pay attention, and simply observe with your eyes, ears, and physical feelings what is happening inside and all around you. Be aware of how your body is responding to what you see, hear and feel around you.  Do not judge any of your experiences as right or wrong.   When you practice this kind of observing without judgment, you can become more connected to the wholeness of a situation.  This will give you the forethought to make better decisions on how to proceed forward in all aspects of your life.

Pisces Feb 19th – Mar 20th  Hello Pisces! This week Spirit is telling you to stand tall and maintain your dignity no matter what.  Standing tall, relaxed, and fully present, you’re much more likely to be treated by others with the respect you deserve.  By claiming this posture, you will be profoundly benefitted in any situation.  This isn’t pride, but rather a physical expression of your strength and power.  When circumstances are pressing in on you causing you to feel defeated, pull yourself up to your grandest posture.  By adopting this posture your thinking and mood will change to be more in alignment. This is all to your benefit.