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The Pink Scorpio Full Moon

The Pink Scorpio Full Moon April 29th, 2018 9:58 p.m. EDT intensifies hidden emotion and desire. This full moon asks to clear out all the superficiality within ourselves, as Scorpio is about truth. Sensitivity is heightened in order, to be honest, and expose everything we hid ourselves to heal and be better.

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New Moon Aries:: You are more powerful than you think. Start embracing it.

April 15th The First New Moon of the Zodiac Year occurs at 26 degrees Aries 6:57 pm PST! The natural energy of the New Moon is to wrap up the lunar cycle and is a time of new beginnings. Aries energy is Cardinal, making it a psychic time to gather what we need to push forward and initiate something new for ourselves. Aries represents the Self and Ego(identity), and New Moon energy itself. Aries is a very β€œnew” energy in itself being that it’s always onto the next. Keywords are bold, new, confidence, a fresh start, beginnings, rebelliousness.

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