June - New Moon Gemini 🎭

In the sign of duality, this new moon will focus as much on digging deep as being playful.

It will encourage both exploration and introspection. it will give us the opportunity to reach out, to connect to everything around us, including ourselves.

On June 3rd New Moon in Gemini seems to reinforce concepts introduced by the New Moon in Taurus, which favored the absorption of new information and the transformation of our values from the new knowledge that was being formulated.

It will be important not to let our introspection turn to the point of ruminating, to turn inwards only enough to give us a better understanding of the outside world, and how we interact with it.


This new moon will bring changes that are long-lasting and deeply felt, as well as incredible internal growth, though it may not be noticeable right away. pay attention to how you feel, what you’re drawn to, and what you’re ready to release. listen to both your body and your mind, they will tell you what you need.

We’re still in this process of assimilation and resignification of old teachings and patterns of behavior, but now we’ll be getting the chance to have more active participation in this process and also to dive back into unresolved issues of our past.

It is a time to nurture our inner child, to reconnect with the deepest and most natural joy found within us. it is a time to take care of our minds and our hearts, to pour our energy into everything within reach.

If you have been struggling with cognitive dissonance, tonight is a great night to connect with your higher self. Take time to communicate with your ancestors and then look inward for all the answer you seek.

Some of the information flowing around at this time may be confusing, dodgy, or just straight up overwhelming as the moon will also be square Neptune and opposite Jupiter. We started on a journey of transformation thanks to the last full moon in Scorpio, and now it’s all about figuring out the logistics of said change. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings, plans, and ideas with others - allow them to be your sounding board as your sort through the options and energies presented in front of you! Just don’t forget to return the favor - the other half of communication is listening

The energy of the New Moon in Gemini is still upon us calling for a personal communicative rebirth. Gemini is represented by the twins- which can be symbolic for two different perspectives, two opposing minds, Yin/Yang energy, and even multiple moods.

Whether we are a Gemini or not, we all tend to experience an array of different moods that tend to be dictated by our internal thoughts. This Gemini moon is revealing the truth that we always have the opportunity to elevate our thoughts & create better moods thru positive communicative energy within ourselves.

Gemini is a sign of light-hearted, playful, child-like, and even sometimes mischievous energy & this new moon encourages us to tap into this energy just a little more. The North Node in Cancer energy joining this new moon is also asking us all to connect with the purest parts of our hearts so that it can become even easier for us to reconnect with our childlike joy.

When we are in a state of childlike joy, we take the time to live in the moment and let go; however, as we become adults it's easier for us to get weighed down by not so ideal circumstances & beliefs. Give yourself the permission to tap into this light Gemini energy & connect with the truth in your heart. When we are in a state of joy, our power to manifest the life we truly desire becomes much smoother with less resistance.



The Gemini New Moon is an excellent time to begin any project related to communication or synthesis or ideas. This is a great time to start a new website, especially a networking site or to implement changes in your company based on those customer feedback forms you’ve been collecting. If you are an author, this is a good time to bless and send out your manuscript. It is also a wonderful time for spellwork related to improving communication in relationships or combining a group’s ideas to form a synergistic solution. Remember this isn’t about compromise, it’s about coming up with new and superior ideas by taking everyone’s ideas into consideration. This ‘let’s talk about it’ moon is for communication and flirtation. The perfect time for spells dealing with communications, healing, short-cuts and uncrossing spells.